When it comes to programmatic buying, every [leap] second matters.

// 07.02.2015 // Infrastructure

On June 30 at 8:00pm EST, the world added an extra second to history in order to keep “accurate” time, also dubbed a “Leap Second”. This may seem negligible. You may not have even realized it happened. But MediaMath’s technology renders two million activities per second. Adding an extra time, even just a second, is a big deal.

The process is relatively common. It’s happened 25 times since 1972. Since the rise of computing, interconnectivity, and in MediaMath’s case, billions of impressions every day, this extra second can have devastating effect.

The good news is that disaster can be avoided. Over the past few months, our TechOps team completed an exhaustive review of the stability of our platform, our data services, and our distributed global network long before the “leap” event. Our global infrastructure, which decisions on over 140 billion transactions each day, was ready for the new second.

But even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. While we were as prepared as we could possibly be, some of our vendors and our vendors’ vendors were not. As a result, TerminalOne was impacted.

Within minutes of the new second, many of the world’s largest names in internet technology started having issues. Some of the key network, infrastructure, and software providers across the globe were not prepared, and quickly cries of “the internet is down” started streaming on whichever channels hadn’t crashed.

Our scale is dependent in part on a larger network and infrastructure, along with data center vendors, and on June 30, some of these vendors hiccoughed. So despite all of MediaMath’s preparedness, our customers still experienced a brief outage.

We’re taking this notion to heart and want to ensure 100% continuity, to every extent possible. We know that when it when it comes to programmatic buying, every second matters.

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Gregory Davis

Director of Operations Gregory Davis is the Director of Operations at MediaMath, where he leads a team of Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, and Database Technicians who build and maintain our technical infrastructure across our nine global data centers.

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