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// 05.20.2014 // Culture

I’d like to welcome you to the MediaMath Developer Blog. It has been a long time coming, and we’ve got a lot to share.

First, a bit about MediaMath. Pretty simply, MediaMath is a company dedicated to transforming the advertising industry. Our goal is to optimize every marketing interaction a consumer has on any device including computers, smartphones, tablets, TV, and radio. Our global platform, TerminalOne™, currently consumes and optimizes 80 billion of these interactions each day and that number is growing fast. While our team geeks out on distributed systems and big data challenges all day long, we also strive for simplicity. Our users’ experience with our platform is as critical as its scale and optimization. We invest heavily in our UI/UX to simplify this very complex ecosystem.

I have been at MediaMath since we started 7 years ago, and I can tell you we learn something new and try something new every single day. That’s a lot of lessons learned, a lot of successes, and a lot of failures. We figured with all that we’ve created and all there is left to create, we’ve got a fair amount to share that others might find useful.

Here are some of the topics we’ll look to discuss:

• Our technology choices: We have the leading user interface and huge global scale. We’ll talk about our stack, our decision-making process, and our benchmarks. Not all choices were the right ones, and we will share those, too.

• What excites us: Everything from data streaming to app development, from mobile usage to global network implications – we have a lot to be excited about.

• How we build: We’ll discuss tips, tools, and tricks. Some borne from our open source projects and hackathons, some from our laps around the track, and others from our fellow engineers around the world.

• What we believe: We’ll talk about our culture, vision, values, and team. We’ve doubled in size every year since inception, and we will share how we do our best to put people first and keep the place lively.

• What we have learned: We’ll be honest and reflective about our mistakes – big ones and small ones. Some are fleeting, others are systemic. We actively root these out, learn, and move on.

In closing, I am so excited to finally have a public platform to display the fun, genius, innovation, and passion that has made MediaMath a great company. I hope you find our posts insightful and useful, and I encourage you to comment and ask questions.

Thank you and stay tuned…

Tom Craig

A Picture of Tom Craig


Chief Information Officer

Tom Craig, Chief Information Officer, oversees the development and operations of the MediaMath's TerminalOne Marketing Operating System, a global technology platform supported by onshore and offshore staff, data centers on three continents and billions of transactions a day.

Tom oversees MediaMath’s information governance and privacy strategy to ensure compliance with industry and government regulations. Prior to joining MediaMath, Tom created and led the Global Marketing Solutions organization at AOL responsible for multiple consumer marketing platforms, the Corporate Information Strategy, and AOL Data Product suite.

Tom was also instrumental in the development of AOL’s privacy policy in support of consumer protection and expansion of online marketing capabilities. Preceding his time at AOL, Tom spent 10 years in the telecommunications industry building Consumer Marketing and analytic platforms. Tom currently sits on the IAB Public Policy Council and IAB Data Council. Tom earned his BBA in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University.


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