Video: Building a Clustered Service in Go

// 10.26.2016 // Platform API

In a data-streaming web world, things happen fast. In less than the blink of an eye, MediaMath’s digital marketing systems host real-time auctions and serve ads across the world to the tune of 4.6 million queries per second.

In this session at the GOTO Chicago Conference, MediaMath CTO Wilfried Schobeiri dove into MediaMath’s data stream processing architecture and how the company is building the next generation of real-time, high performance systems in Go. Using Go, MediaMath is able to scale its systems on a minimal resource footprint. Wil also explains why Go is a game-changer for building services, how to maximize channel performance and real-time data processing throughput, how to minimize the effects of garbage collection, and more.

This is the second year that Wil joined the speaker roster at GOTO Chicago to share his how our team uses Go. Learn more about how our technology team works on our Technology Careers page.

A Picture of Annie Fei


Annie Fei is a Marketing Coordinator with MediaMath based in San Francisco, where she supports the communications team in sharing company goals to the greater public. She has her B.A. in Integrative Biology and Theater & Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. When not in the lab or performing on stage, she is usually on the hunt for the best hot pot place in town and feeding her inner foodie.

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