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How we hacked JIRA, and so can you

// 12.10.2014 // Culture

JIRA is fantastic, and is used by over 35,000 customers – a testament to its flexibility. There are many plug-ins that extend this functionality, and you’d struggle to find a use case that isn’t supported in general. Like many tech companies, we use JIRA for issue and project management, which has become increasingly important as our engineering teams now sit on two continents and span six time zones. And while JIRA has been a reasonably good tool for handling those tasks, we had a hunch that JIRA could do even better. The problem with one size fits all: Any application, […]

Scrum smarter, not harder: Tips for agile development in the real world Part 1

// 12.03.2014 // Culture

If you research Scrum on the internet, what you will find, aside from pictures of what have to be some of the most badass/crazy sportsmen on the planet, is the following definition: “Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development” (Source: Wikipedia). What I have found is that Scrum is a lot easier to define than it is to implement. I’m not going to explain the Scrum process itself in any real detail here. There are plenty of good books out there on the subject. Anything written by Jeff Sutherland, for instance. Instead, I […]