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When You’re Done, You’re Only Halfway Done

You’ve just checked in your code, given it a version number and are about to send it to QA, but wait, are you sure you are done? Sometimes when I use a new whizbang program, only to find it lacks some things which every useful program should have.  It is easy, especially when building a complex program with unique functionality, to focus entirely on the unique offering of the program. While an enormous amount of time should be put into differentiating a program, there are certain features that users now expect in order to get the highest performance out of […]

MediaMath Do-Gooders: Teaching Coding In NYC High Schools

// 05.27.2015 // Culture

Colin MacKenzie, a developer on MediaMath’s API team, was at a conference with his teammate Adrian Frimpong last October when the presenter offered some unusual advice: instead of becoming an expert on a specific language or learning a new tool, developers should spend time strengthening their coding fundamentals. The best way to strengthen fundamentals, Colin thought, would be by teaching others how to code. Right there, in his conference seat, Colin searched “teach kids to code NYC,” found ScriptEd, and filled out a volunteer interest form. He pressed send and looked over at Adrian’s screen just in time to see […]

Raise your bus factor with coding standards and docs scrubs

// 01.21.2015 // Culture

For those just tuning in, over the past few weeks, I have been covering strategies for dealing with your team’s low Bus Factor  – the number of developers who must be taken off a project in order for all forward progress to cease indefinitely. Startups and other lean development teams are especially vulnerable to a low Bus Factor. My team – MediaMath’s Apps Team – tends to work more or less independently building lean, single-purpose web apps and partner integrations, and we frequently find ourselves with a Bus Factor of less than two developers. As a result, we have focused […]

Raise your bus factor: 3 easy practices to implement on your team

// 01.07.2015 // Culture

A team’s Bus Factor is the number of developers who must be taken off a project in order for all forward progress to cease indefinitely. Bus Factor measures a team’s resiliency — its ability to deliver in the face of unexpected resource challenges. Consider the effects of a key team member taking a two-week vacation on a remote island, or being stuck on a broken-down train in a tunnel for several hours, during which unexpected updates to dusty legacy software are required. The remaining team members must be able to pull through without input from the affected teammate, and that teammate must be able to get […]