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How we hacked JIRA, and so can you

// 12.10.2014 // Culture

JIRA is fantastic, and is used by over 35,000 customers – a testament to its flexibility. There are many plug-ins that extend this functionality, and you’d struggle to find a use case that isn’t supported in general. Like many tech companies, we use JIRA for issue and project management, which has become increasingly important as our engineering teams now sit on two continents and span six time zones. And while JIRA has been a reasonably good tool for handling those tasks, we had a hunch that JIRA could do even better. The problem with one size fits all: Any application, […]

Monitoring and analyzing data with sound: MediaMath’s audio logo and the Bidder Moog Project

// 07.24.2014 // Data

Generally, if you need to analyze your data, you’ll pull up an Excel spreadsheet or the reports section of your statistic package and look at line graphs, scatter plots, pie charts, etc. Sometimes even in 3D. Those tools do the job, but did you know that there is a whole different way to monitor your data that doesn’t require looking at the screen, and can even add an emotional aspect to your information? It’s an essentially unknown field called “data sonification.” The first question I always get when I mention data sonification is “huh?.” The next is always “why?” In […]