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Monitoring and analyzing data with sound: MediaMath’s audio logo and the Bidder Moog Project

// 07.24.2014 // Data

Generally, if you need to analyze your data, you’ll pull up an Excel spreadsheet or the reports section of your statistic package and look at line graphs, scatter plots, pie charts, etc. Sometimes even in 3D. Those tools do the job, but did you know that there is a whole different way to monitor your data that doesn’t require looking at the screen, and can even add an emotional aspect to your information? It’s an essentially unknown field called “data sonification.” The first question I always get when I mention data sonification is “huh?.” The next is always “why?” In […]

From zero to demo: Lessons learned from MediaMath’s first hackathon

// 05.21.2014 // Culture

First, a little background on the engineering teams at MediaMath. In December 2012 and January 2013, we acquired two engineering companies – Chicago-based Tap.Me and Cambridge-based Akamai Advertising Decision Solutions (ADS). These acquisitions nearly doubled our engineering headcount, and officially expanded our engineering presence beyond our NYC headquarters. January 2014 marked the one-year anniversary of these acquisitions, and we wanted to kick off the year with our first-ever employee hackathon. We consider the event a tremendous success. We had 75-85% participation from our technology org, created 11 hacks, and even had one hack that may make into production. And while […]