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Functional Error Accumulation in Scala

This post originally appeared on in July 2015 and is republished below. In a previous post, we dipped into what it means to handle application errors functionally in Scala and took a brief overview of the types that can be used to accomplish that. A common theme with those error handling types like Try  or the disjunctions is that they all fail fast: only the first error in a purely functional call chain is returned. Let’s keep the functional hype train going and explore more of the goodies that we can bring into our application logic. Stepping back from the […]

Easing into Functional Error Handling in Scala

This post was originally published on in June of 2015 and is republished below. One of the biggest selling points of Scala is being able to transition from Java to the world of functional programming. What this means, practically speaking, is that you and/or your team can start off writing very Java-like Scala that already works, treating it as a “better Java” with more goodies and less verbose syntax. But why stop at that? We can do better by adopting more typesafe functional concepts, and the best part is we can ease ourselves into at least one practical application […]