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Video: Building a Clustered Service in Go

// 10.26.2016 // Platform API

In a data-streaming web world, things happen fast. In less than the blink of an eye, MediaMath’s digital marketing systems host real-time auctions and serve ads across the world to the tune of 4.6 million queries per second. In this session at the GOTO Chicago Conference, MediaMath CTO Wilfried Schobeiri dove into MediaMath’s data stream processing architecture and how the company is building the next generation of real-time, high performance systems in Go. Using Go, MediaMath is able to scale its systems on a minimal resource footprint. Wil also explains why Go is a game-changer for building services, how to […]

How to Explain APIs to Your Parents (Or Your Sales Team)

// 06.25.2015 // Platform API

Author’s Note: I am not a mechanic. I have never built a car. The views expressed herein do not represent the views of cars everywhere. I have spent the last four years trying to understand APIs. Whenever they have been explained to me, they inevitably are drawn on a whiteboard like this: And my take away has been that APIs are the bumpers around a system, which effectively means that I understand bupkis about how APIs work. So I decided to take a “Jess Do It Yourself” approach to this problem and create an explanation that makes sense to me, […]

Whattup With Walt: Whattup with blindly using the crippled APIs someone else provides you?

Be ever willing and ready to enhance the APIs you are given by wrapping them in your own functions and classes. At some point, you will discover the “standard” function  or class will prove to be incomplete, cluttered, broken, lame, slow, bloated, byzantine, obtuse, and a host of other adjectives best summed up as “annoying.” When I use the functions provided by a general-purpose library, I find they have been weighed, measured, and found wanting. They always have some deficiency that drives me nuts. Give me any function provided by standard Linux or Windows API libraries, and I’ll show you […]