Released: MediaMath iOS Event Pixel SDK

// 06.13.2017 // Open Source

A simple framework for firing MediaMath Pixels

Until recently, we offered a native objective-C iOS library for firing MM Event pixels. This worked well for many of our clients but had one key shortcoming. AFNetworking provides indispensable high-level network abstractions for many iOS developers. However, developers often use their own, potentially incompatible, versions of AFNetworking. This introduced an overhead of maintaining a library with all versions of AFNetworking.

There was a simpler solution. Get rid of AFNetworking.

The new iOS SDK is:

  • 100% native
  • 100% open source
  • -100% AFNetworking

It also offers some nifty new functionality over the previous release. Additional parameters may now be passed in as either a dictionary instead of as a URL-encoded string. When using the dictionary method, certain potentially sensitive information is automatically hashed using SHA-256.

The new SDK is available to check out from github┬átoday and is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement!

A Picture of Fotios Tzellos

Fotios Tzellos

Fotios Tzellos is a Developer Relations Engineer at MediaMath. He spends his time helping clients get the most out of our API and platforms. In a previous life, he developed film/TV post production and distribution software, including a stint at the BBC working on the iPlayer microservice architecture. He holds an MEng in Computer Science from University College London.

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