Recapping AWS re:Invent—3 Things That Got Our Developers Excited

// 10.22.2015 // Infrastructure

There’s a reason Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent has become the go-to conference for developers in the cloud computing industry– the product launches and releases announced set the tone for the way companies will grow and change over the coming year. The conference has seen enormous growth over it’s four-year history and, this year, more than 18,000 developers descended on Las Vegas to witness 21 product and feature launches and over 275 sessions and workshops. Here is what members of the MediaMath team had to say about what they found the most exciting at re:Invent:

Event-driven Architecture

“Enterprises with strong technical foundations are clearly shifting to event-driven architectures to increase their agility and scale. MediaMath’s early adoption of technologies like Kinesis and internal shift to loosely coupled, asynchronous services has opened up a lot of exciting possibilities for us. We expect this trend to accelerate and really change how people design big data infrastructures.” –Ian Hummel, VP of Engineering

“I loved hearing about the move from server to server-less. Virtual Machines used to be the rage, then came along containers, now we have Lambda. More and more companies have been experimenting with it, and I saw many architectures that have taken advantage of it.” –Michal Dobosz, Software Engineer

“It’s exciting to see more AWS services hook into AWS Lambda to enable more event-driven, reactive systems.” –Rory Sawyer, Junior Software Engineer

New Data Products and Support

“The opportunity to get much deeper insight into what is under the bonnet of Aurora DB has illustrated some exciting benefits in migrating from our standard MySql offerings.” –Martin Ashcroft, Senior Software Engineer Lead

“I was excited to learn that AWS provides up-to-date support for Spark, and a number of speakers discussed their use of Spark in combination with other big data tools, such as Presto, on AWS. These big data applications seem powerful and easy to deploy.” –James Yin, Software Engineer

Improving Developer Experience

“I visited different kind of sessions, and what I was exited to see is that Amazon is really thinking how to make it easier for developers to build the “next” things, and what was extremely exciting are the IoT and all the effort that Amazon does to support this move for our society.” –Aleksey Zhukov, Senior Software Engineer

“Real eye-opener for me was Lambda and API Gateway! Great to see what can be achieved and built with some powerful products from AWS.” –Parminder Matharu, Engineering Manager

“At re:Invent 2015, I saw Amazon turn its focus to eliminating the bottlenecks that have made it hard for businesses to move into the cloud. Thanks to AWS Lambda and API Gateways, as well as their new integrations with scalable AWS infrastructure, challenges such as increasingly agile development processes, complex dependency management, management of scalable clusters with complex networking and integration with various user endpoints are less of a developer’s concern than ever. All of these match the general shift towards IMO, cloud-based applications and serverless microsystems. Finally, AWS also made it easier to build pluggable functions without worrying too much about the overall system state, dependencies, error handling and monitoring while allowing developers to use their choice of js, python or JVM based languages.” –Pravish Sood, Software Engineer

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Travis Barnes is the Technology Communications Manager at MediaMath, where he helps the engineering teams communicate the massive challenges that they tackle to the rest of the world. When not in the office, he is exploring Brooklyn’s music scene or digging through the crates of his local record store.

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