Monitoring and analyzing data with sound: MediaMath’s audio logo and the Bidder Moog Project

// 07.24.2014 // Data

Generally, if you need to analyze your data, you’ll pull up an Excel spreadsheet or the reports section of your statistic package and look at line graphs, scatter plots, pie charts, etc. Sometimes even in 3D. Those tools do the job, but did you know that there is a whole different way to monitor your data that doesn’t require looking at the screen, and can even add an emotional aspect to your information? It’s an essentially unknown field called “data sonification.” The first question I always get when I mention data sonification is “huh?.” The next is always “why?” In […]

Whattup With Walt: Whattup with programmer time vs. user time?

Whenever I write software I keep this in mind: Any task the computer doesn’t do will have to be performed over and over and over by every user of the program. For example: Invest an hour in writing a clear, complete error message. It will save a human being from having to manually figure out the error, over and over and over again, and it will affect every user of the program from now until, well, a long time. Don’t leave work for the user to do if you can do it. Your time is not worth more than the […]

Employee Spotlight: Yang Yang on learning to knit and how soccer-playing robots shaped her career

// 07.17.2014 // Culture

Yang Yang has been an engineer on MediaMath’s Core team for a year and half. In this Q&A, she shares what delights her about working at MediaMath, what she does in her off hours, and why programming is like solving difficult puzzles. First, what do you do here? I’m a Core Engineer, and I work on our bidders – building the bidders and supporting them. Our bidder system is a huge, distributed system of servers that perform the real time auctions that buy ads for clients. I use C++ mainly, with some other tools like Python, Bash script, and Perl. […]

Whattup With Walt: Whattup with blindly using the crippled APIs someone else provides you?

Be ever willing and ready to enhance the APIs you are given by wrapping them in your own functions and classes. At some point, you will discover the “standard” function  or class will prove to be incomplete, cluttered, broken, lame, slow, bloated, byzantine, obtuse, and a host of other adjectives best summed up as “annoying.” When I use the functions provided by a general-purpose library, I find they have been weighed, measured, and found wanting. They always have some deficiency that drives me nuts. Give me any function provided by standard Linux or Windows API libraries, and I’ll show you […]

Employee Spotlight: Turning to tech and never looking back

// 06.18.2014 // Culture

I get you. Because I’ve been there. The fluorescent lights from above weighing you down, the sound of phone conversations and keyboard clicks muffled by the cubicle walls towering around you, and that tie that always feels just a little too tight. I began my professional journey at a Fortune 50 Company; one that is widely considered an American institution. A semester-long co-op during my junior year of college led to an offer to join the corporate finance team full time when I graduated. I was fresh out of college, and followed the path of least resistance to a full […]

Developer boot camp – Part 3: Lessons learned from developer boot camp

// 06.12.2014 // Culture

Editor’s Note: In October 2013, Felix Thea had been working at MediaMath for 4.5 years and was ready for a career transition. He informed his manager that he was resigning from his position as Product Manager in order to attend App Academy, where he would train to become a developer. MediaMath wasn’t about to let Felix go without a fight Instead of an outright resignation, MediaMath and Felix agreed that upon successful completion of the course, Felix would interview for a role on the UI & Apps Team. On January 27, 2014, after 12 weeks of intensive study, Felix rejoined MediaMath’s […]

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