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// 04.15.2015 // Data

MediaMath was recently at Amazon Web Services Re:invent 2014, where we presented on our open data platform and data liberation project, both of which are enabled by a variety of tools including many AWS tools. Below is a recording of our presentation: Data Liberation at MediaMath.

Aggregating and processing terabytes of data per day is a challenge for any technology company. As marketers and brands become more sophisticated consumers of data, enabling granular levels of access to targeted subsets of data from outside your firewalls presents new challenges.

In this presentation, VP of Engineering Edward Fagin and Senior Director of Data Platform Ian Hummel shared how we built scalable, complex data processing pipelines using Amazon Kinesis, Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).  They shared how we revolutionized our data delivery platform with the help of these services, empowering product teams, partners, and clients. They also shared the results of these initiatives, which include a number of innovative products and services delivered on top of terabytes of online user behavior.

The recording above covers MediaMath’s journey from legacy batch processing and vendor lock-in to a new world where the raw materials to build advanced lookalike models, optimization algorithms, and marketing attribution models are readily available to any engineering team in real-time, substantially reducing the time – and cost – of innovation. We hope you enjoy.

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