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Video: Strand Library at O’Reilly Fluent

Last spring, MediaMath’s Ben Donohue, VP of Engineering–TerminalOne, spoke at the O’Reilly Fluent Conference in San Francisco. In his presentation, Ben explained why his team chose web components for TerminalOne’s UI and announced the open source release of our own Strand Library. The video of his presentation, “Why Web Components for Enterprise Web App Development,” appears in it’s entirety below: Interested in learning more? Strand’s developers will appear on the Web Platform Podcast with Erik Isaksen on Tuesday, October 12th to discuss everything developers need to get started using Strand. Follow the latest with Strand on Twitter (@StrandLib)  and check […]

Raise a glass to TOAST, a preprocessing service converting XML to JSON

TOAST is a new project recently released by the UI team here at MediaMath. The name stands for “TerminalOne App Server TOAST,” following the long-standing tradition of recursive acronyms in software (and adding to a relatively shorter list of more “exclusive” tail-recursive acronyms … but I digress). “What is TOAST really?” one might ask. The answer: TOAST is a web service layer that sits between the T1 front-end (the UI on our primary product, TerminalOne) and the services upon which the UI relies. It may ultimately provide a number of features for T1 that, typically for performance reasons, are preferably […]

‘Easy to code doesn’t mean easy to use’ and other lessons learned in web app development

“I have no idea what I’m doing.” – Me, on my first day at MediaMath While I had worked on dozens of software development projects for my computer science classes, I didn’t bring any web development experience to the table when I joined MediaMath’s Global Business Systems (GBS) team. GBS builds and maintains Knox, an internal-facing web app whose purpose is the standardization and automation of MediaMath’s financial processes. I needed to get up to speed on web development pronto. The biggest surprise to me was learning how multifaceted and multidisciplinary the field of web development is. Just wrapping my […]