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Released: MediaMath iOS Event Pixel SDK

// 06.13.2017 // Open Source

A simple framework for firing MediaMath Pixels Until recently, we offered a native objective-C iOS library for firing MM Event pixels. This worked well for many of our clients but had one key shortcoming. AFNetworking provides indispensable high-level network abstractions for many iOS developers. However, developers often use their own, potentially incompatible, versions of AFNetworking. This introduced an overhead of maintaining a library with all versions of AFNetworking. There was a simpler solution. Get rid of AFNetworking. The new iOS SDK is: 100% native 100% open source -100% AFNetworking It also offers some nifty new functionality over the previous release. […]

Apache Flink® at MediaMath: Rescaling Stateful Applications in Production

// 06.13.2017 // Data Science

This article was originally posted by DataArtisans, on June 12, 2017. Every once in awhile, Amazon Web Services experiences a service disruption, and millions of internet users around the globe panic as their favorite apps and websites cease to function. A short time later, the issue is resolved, and it’s back to business as usual. Most people move along with their day, eventually forgetting the micro-crisis altogether. But it’s not so simple for the software engineers whose companies are built on top of AWS and who are responsible for recovering from the disruption. Such was the case for MediaMath, a programmatic marketing company […]

Queryable States in ApacheFlink – Part 2: Implementation

This is part 2 of the blog Queryable States in Apache Flink. In the previous blog, we saw how Apache Flink enabled Queryable States. In this part, we will create a Streaming Job with Queryable States and create a QueryClient to query the state. I assume that Flink is already installed and setup. If not you can check out my earlier blog post on installation here. I will be using a Tumbling window in this example, to read about Windows in Flink, please read this blog post. All the code used in this blog post will be available on my GitHub. Creating the Pipeline Let […]