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How to Explain APIs to Your Parents (Or Your Sales Team)

// 06.25.2015 // Platform API

Author’s Note: I am not a mechanic. I have never built a car. The views expressed herein do not represent the views of cars everywhere. I have spent the last four years trying to understand APIs. Whenever they have been explained to me, they inevitably are drawn on a whiteboard like this: And my take away has been that APIs are the bumpers around a system, which effectively means that I understand bupkis about how APIs work. So I decided to take a “Jess Do It Yourself” approach to this problem and create an explanation that makes sense to me, […]

How to write better multi-threaded code using Akka, Futures, and For-Comprehension

Here at MediaMath, we use Scala to help our API engine handle thousands of concurrent requests per second. We chose Scala because it is designed for use in concurrent, asynchronous, and distributed environments. After all, according to Amdahl’s Law, which states that the more parallel code you have, the more you can benefit from using a modern multi-core processor. But building a high performance system in Scala is always an interesting task. Parallel and concurrent code is historically difficult to write and prone to errors. In this post, I want to share some techniques I’ve learned that will hopefully help […]