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Developer Boot Camp – Part 1: Why I chose to go to boot camp

// 05.28.2014 // Culture

Editor’s Note: In October 2013, Felix Thea had been working at MediaMath for 4.5 years and was ready for a career transition. He informed his manager that he was resigning from his position as Product Manager in order to attend App Academy, where he would train to become a developer. MediaMath wasn’t about to let Felix go without a fight Instead of an outright resignation, MediaMath and Felix agreed that upon successful completion of the course, Felix would interview for a role on the UI & Apps Team. On January 27, 2014, after 12 weeks of intensive study, Felix rejoined […]

Making your local Hadoop more like AWS Elastic MapReduce

// 05.21.2014 // Data

A version of this article originally appeared on Ian’s personal blog here.  At MediaMath, we’re big users of Elastic MapReduce (EMR). EMR’s incredible flexibility makes it a great fit for our data analytics team, which processes TBs of data each day to provide insights to our clients, to better understand our own business, and to power the various product back-ends that make Terminal 1 the “marketing operating system” that it is. An extremely important best practice for any analytics project is to ensure the local development and test environments match the production environment as much as possible. This eliminates the […]

Whattup With Walt: Whattup with debugging?

Every time I’ve had a big debugging problem, it was because something was going on in the code that I wasn’t seeing. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of, after solving a bug, saying, “Oh, of course, that should have been obvious.” Well, it would have been obvious if you had seen what you thought was obvious, earlier. Having that experience, over and over again, taught me to make the inner workings of my program as visible as possible. #1. Write complete, detailed logs I start with writing complete and detailed logging. My log messages contain time, date, thread, log […]

From zero to demo: Lessons learned from MediaMath’s first hackathon

// 05.21.2014 // Culture

First, a little background on the engineering teams at MediaMath. In December 2012 and January 2013, we acquired two engineering companies – Chicago-based Tap.Me and Cambridge-based Akamai Advertising Decision Solutions (ADS). These acquisitions nearly doubled our engineering headcount, and officially expanded our engineering presence beyond our NYC headquarters. January 2014 marked the one-year anniversary of these acquisitions, and we wanted to kick off the year with our first-ever employee hackathon. We consider the event a tremendous success. We had 75-85% participation from our technology org, created 11 hacks, and even had one hack that may make into production. And while […]

Building faster, scalable reporting with Hadoop-Impala

// 05.21.2014 // Infrastructure

As a leading DSP with billons of online ads running through our platform every day, one of our biggest problems is how best to frequently report attribution data (which ad led to which action, like a sale or online signup) to our clients in a reliable way. The problem we are tackling, in numbers: A) 30-day impression volume = 35 – 40 billion records B) 1-hour event/click volume = 15 – 20 million records We need to join B (events) with A (impressions) twice every hour (once for event and once for clicks), find the matching records, perform complex sequencing […]

Welcome to the MediaMath Developer Blog

// 05.20.2014 // Culture

I’d like to welcome you to the MediaMath Developer Blog. It has been a long time coming, and we’ve got a lot to share. First, a bit about MediaMath. Pretty simply, MediaMath is a company dedicated to transforming the advertising industry. Our goal is to optimize every marketing interaction a consumer has on any device including computers, smartphones, tablets, TV, and radio. Our global platform, TerminalOne™, currently consumes and optimizes 80 billion of these interactions each day and that number is growing fast. While our team geeks out on distributed systems and big data challenges all day long, we also […]